Health visitor and modern day challenges


Οn 27 May 2017, PHILOS employees attended a seminar organized in Kalamata by the Panhellenic Association of Health Visitors (ΠΣΕΥ).

The seminar aimed at highlighting the role of health visitor in contemporary challenges and included presentations and workshops for the exchange of views and the recording of the problems he encounters.

On behalf of PHILOS, Chryssa Botsi, the scientific supervisor of PHILOS programme, participated in the section “Intercultural Health and Community”, whith the subject: “Immigrant health in the light of Public Health – Immigration and Infectious Diseases”.

In her presentation, Mrs Botsi presented the epidemiological data derived from HCDCP and PHILOS programme while discussing with the participants the challenges encountered by the National Health System regarding the refugee issue.

In the same session, Panagiotis Damaskos, HCDCP’s health sociologist, presented the definitions and concepts of intercultural health.

The health visitors participated in the seminar emphasized their willingness to cooperate with HCDCP to better address the public health issues posed by the presence of the refugee population in Greece.