In full swing the recording of living conditions in open camps


In the context of PHILOS program, the recording of environmental and sanitary conditions in the refugee open camps was started by completing a specific questionnaire.

The specific form contains a number of parametres with regard to the general living conditions of refugees – immigrants in the open camps. Particular emphasis is given to the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities, to the application of sampling on food and drinking water provided, as well as to the regular waste collection and pest and rodent control.

The completion of the questionnaire by the refugees has already begun in some structures and it is conducted with the aid of PHILOS’ mobile unit. It is planned to be updated on regular basis and it will include the overall number of open camps operating in mainland Greece.

For the best possible realization of the survey, a series of training sessions were carried out by HCDCP’s specialized personnel and with the involvement of PHILOS’ employees. Until now, training sessions have taken place on 28th of February at HCDCP’s headquarters with the presence of employees working in the 1st and 2nd health district (YPE), as well as in the open camps of Elaionas (15th of March), Lavrio (16th of March), Evosmos (20 March) and Koutsochero (31st of March). Additionally, a training session will take place today in Myrsini’s open camp, Andravida.

The completion of the questionnaire and the recording of health conditions prevailing in the open camps, is just a small part of the initiatives implemented by PHILOS program and is carried out with the ultimate objective of creating measures to improve living conditions in refugee camps and of protecting public health.