Infection from new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) – Advice to private physicians

All doctors and healthcare personnel who are likely to come in contact with patients who have developed a respiratory infection, must wear a STANDARD SURGICAL MASK according to NHPO’s advice ( Doctors and all healthcare personnel must be up to date with the new coronavirus case definition, as provided in NPHO’s website (


Handling of suspected case of new coronavirus infection

Advice for handling a suspected case:

  • give the patient a standard surgical mask to wear
  • examine and treat the patient in a separate room
  • all personnel involved in the patient’s management must use standard precautions, contact precautions and droplet precautions
  • personal protective equipment: FFP2 mask, waterproof long sleeve gown, gloves, eye protection (glasses)
  • hand hygiene
  • avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth with potentially contaminated hands
  • report the case immediately to the National Public Health Organization (tel. 210-5212054)