Meeting of PHILOS managers with the field coordinators


A meeting between PHILOS officers and the field coordinators working at the open refugee camps was held on Thursday, August 3rd, at the premises of HCDCP.

The aim of the meeting was to examine PHILOS’ progress so far and it was considered by all participants as highly constructive since they had the opportunity to jointly consider proposals for the provision of more and better health services to beneficiaries as well as to identify potential problems and difficulties during its implementation.

In this context, it is scheduled in the near future PHILOS health professionals to be trained on the identification of sexual and gender – based violence victims in the form of seminars.

From the autumn of the current year, PHILOS programme will be extended to the Eastern Aegean islands, providing sanitary and psychosocial services to the refugee/migrants residing in the open camps of Lesvos, Chios, Kos, Leros and Samos, as well as it is foreseen the further strengthening of public health structures (hospitals, EKAB) with health and other personnel.