Meetings with NGO’s representatives


A round of meetings with NGO’s representatives operating in the refugee open camps conducted by a PHILOS team on 13-15 March.

More specifically, a PHILOS team consisted by scientists and healthcare professionals held a wide-ranging meeting with the directors of the 3rd and 4th Healthcare District, respectively, as well as with managers of hospitals and local health centers located near refuggee open camps. The purpose of the meeting was the further implementation of the action plan of PHILOS programme, practical issues and any shortcomings may observed.

On 13 March, a meeting with HCDCP’s employees took place in the headquarters of the Organization, Salonica, with the participation of NGO’s representatives operating in the hospitality centers of the prefecture. It was also discussed the inclusion of PHILOS’ healthcare professionals to the functioning of the existing open camps in order to improve the coordination and improvement of health services provided to the refugees.

In addition, PHILOS’ executives visited the open camp located at Vaghiohori, Lagadikia, and the facilities of the former factory of Softex in Diavata, Salonica, which operates as a refugee camp.

The following day, a meeting with the Director and Deputy Ditector of the 5th Health District was held in Larissa, followed by a visit to the open camp that was recently created in Koutsohero. At the end, PHILOS executives completed the scheduled round of meetings by visiting the open camp located in Oinofyta, Voiotia.