PHILOS and refugee crisis


A meeting on the refugee crisis and PHILOS programme implementation was held at the premises of Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, under the auspices of Ioannis Baskozos, Secretary General of Public Health.

During the meeting, Mr. Baskozos was informed of PHILOS subactions as well as of the open refugee camps’ epidemiological profile. Particular emphasis was given to the extension of the program to the Eastern Aegean islands as well as to the difficulties faced by the personnel working at the reception and identification centers.

The Secretary General of Public Health also underlined HCDCP’s giant work, referring to the significant effort made by PHILOS personnel and especially to immigrants/refugees vaccination.

The meeting was attended by Theofilos Rosenberg, HCDCP President, Agapios Terzidis, HCDCP Vice-President and PHILOS programme Manager, Chrysa Botsi, PHILOS scientific supervisor, as well as by HCDCP executives that actively participate in the programme.