PHILOS participation in “Sostratos”


Members of PHILOS mobile health unit working in the 5th Health District (YPE) participated in Sostratos earthquake preparedness and response exercise.

The event took place on 25th of April at the premises of Larisa’s general hospital and was organized by the National Centre of Health Opearations (EKEPY) in co-operation with EKAB. The scenario envisaged the emergency response and the evacuation of the hospital due to an earthquake or a fire.

The rescuers – drivers of PHILOS mobile health unit in cooperation with EKAB rescuers, immediately transported the two mobile emergency response units of the 5th YPE in the spot area and participated in the set up of the special equipment.

With their valuable and decisive contribution, a medical tent was fully developed as an outdoor health care unit in just sixteen minutes, ready to deal with emergencies based on the exercise scenario.

During the exercise, PHILOS members were actively participated in the operation of the outdoor healthcare unit and thus helping to manage and deal with the “victims” of the event.