Research on drug abuse


At the beginning of last month, the Organization Against Drugs (OKANA) conducted a focus group interviews on six women concerning their information and experience with drugs, living in the open camp of Kordelio, Salonica. The interviews was also conducted by PHILOS health professionals, Antonia Mitsiani and Valia Garefalaki, who work in the abovementioned open camp.

A similar survey had been carried out in the same place in a five men group.

The analysis of the findings so far shows that:

  • Women have incomplete information about drugs. They claimed to have a first time contact with substances within the hospitality centers. In their country they didn’t know personally any drug user, they had only heard about them and had little knowledge.
  • They associate drugs with most of the violent incidents that occur within the camp. They think that all problems occurred derived from them.
  • They have a strong sense of fear.
  • They are disappointed, strongly emotionally charged and indignant.

The survey is already underway and the final results will be presented after its completion. A similar one was conducted by OKANA in August last year at hospitality centers located in Attica basin.