Seminar on child safeguarding and protection


A training seminar on child custody took place on May 2 in Thessaloniki, with the collaboration of the NGO Save the Children. The seminar was attended by PHILOS team members working at Lagadikia along with other PHILOS employees, 23 people in total.

During the first day of the seminar, Mrs. Basdeki used a variety of interactive and participatory methods such as: working groups, presentations, video viewing and open discussions.

On 3 – 4 May, Mrs. Wynne and Aileen, Unicef and Save the Children executives respectively, presented their thesis in the section “Nutrition & Infant Young Child Feeding”.

The training seminar included the following thematic fields:

  • Definition of child protection and its importance
  • Child Protection: Prevention and response
  • Child abuse and its forms
  • Child safeguarding and protection
  • Child abuse perpetrators: who they are and how they behave
  • Child custody national policy and code of ethics
  • Reference mechanisms

The training course was divided into four sections. Initially, the objectives of the seminar and the concepts of child safeguarding and protection were analyzed, as well as the forms of child abuse.

The differences between child safeguarding and child protection as well as the role of the professionals dealing with the issue have also been analyzed. The participants were able to study possible scenarios and to define the correspodent reference mechanisms.

The participants tested their knowledge before and after their training. The results highlighted the success of the initiative: compared to the initial 10% of the right answers at the beginning of the seminar, the percentage after the training amounted to 83%.