Seminar on victims of human trafficking


A two-day training seminar was held at the premises of International Organization for Migration (IOM), on 15-16 May, with the title “Prevention and identification of human trafficking and sexual and gender violence” and with the participation of HCDCP and the General Secretariat for Gender Equality.

The seminar was attended by 59 people from different domains, such as lawyers, psychologists, social workers, nurses, NGO mediators, representatives of international organizations and public bodies from Attica, Ritsona and Livadia, as well as by six HCDCP health professionals.

The thematic areas covered were:

  • Human trafficking: Themaric introduction and in – time identification
  • Human Trafficking and health: Indicators
  • Presentation of the national response mechanism for sexual and gender violence
  • Sexual and gender violence and protection
  • The medical protocol for dealing with sexual and gender violence

During the seminar, real human trafficking cases were examined and evaluation exercises of different forms of power were conducted.

Seminar’s trainers were Andromache Lazaridis, IOM’s represntative, Christina Papadimitriou, General Secretariat for Gender Equality executive, and Chrysa Botsi, PHILOS scientific supervisor.