SKAE – Hellenic Centre for Coordinating Haemovigilance


The Hellenic Centre for Coordinating Haemovigilance (SKAE) was founded by the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Decision of the Board of Directors, Session 23rd 1995 and published in the Government Gazette 831/29 June 2001) as the body responsible for developing a haemovigilance system on all stages of the chain from donation to transfusion.

In the course of the harmonization of Greek law with European Directives establishing standards for safety and quality of blood and blood components, SKAE was given responsibility for providing information on adverse reactions and events related to transfusion among recipients and related to donation among donors (Government Gazette 261/17-02-2011). Since January 2008, SKAE has been located within the central offices of the HCDCP.

Its’ staff have scientific expertise on blood donation and transfusion, public health, laboratory blood testing, counseling for blood-transmitted infections, statistical analysis, training and organization.

SKAE’s basic functions

Educational activities


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Dr. Constantina Politis Office Manager