The HCDCP of Thessaloniki

Since 1998, Thessalonica’s Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (HCDCP) has been the regional office that co-ordinates, supports, plans and carries out actions in northern Greece aimed at informing and preventing infectious diseases, while also offering psychosocial support to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive individuals and those close to them.

Many of the activities of Thessalonica’s HCDCP are complementary and co-dependent on the activities and programs carried out by the central department of the organization, but there are some activities that are organized and carried out entirely by the personnel of Thessalonica’s HCDCP.

Thessalonica’s HCDCP covers a wide range of activities, including the following:

A. Informing activities/training

B. Consulting/support/intervention/information

C. Epidemiological monitoring

D. Interfacing/co-operation

E. Organization/convention and conference support

Thessalonica’s HCDCP participates in the organization and realization of events and seminars in northern Greece, planned by the HCDCP head offices in Athens.


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Χαλκίδου Σοφία Ψυχολόγος, MSc Ψυχολογία Υγείας