Psychosocial Support & Psychotherapeutic Interventions


According to the statute of the HCDCP the Office “supports, plans and carries out actions aimed at offering psychosocial support to hiv+ people, solution to social problems, information and interventions in order to sensitise public opinion and application of policies. The Office also co-ordinates the co-operation of the HCDCP with NGOs that act against AIDS”.


In 2007 the Office coordinated a work group that aimed to investigate the status of the uninsured hiv+ persons. In 2009 it planned and realized a training in order to train and sensitize health workers about insurance issues and access to treatment. During 2011 the office handled 65 cases of uninsured hiv+ persons and each one of them demanded individually examination and collaboration with a variety of services, such as hospitals, social services, ministries etc


Full Name Property Tel. Email
P. Damaskos Office Manager
M. Giannopoulou Health Psychologist
C. Dresiou Clinical Psychologist
K. Matzavinou School Psychologist
A. Krini Secretary
E. Tabaki Secretary