E-Health Information

Main Responsibilities

The office is responsible for the designing and administrating of the HCDCP web-site and for the coordination and publishing of the monthly e-bulletin (newsletter).The new HCDCP website (that you are currently visiting) and the monthly e-bulletin (newsletter) are the two main electronic means of health information of our organization. By designing and implementing these modern tools for “scattering” the public health principles and scientific knowledge, we aim to focus and emphasize on disease control and prevention and create a participating culture regarding the health risks and threats in Greece and abroad.

The new HCDCP website

In June 2011, after a clear decision of the HCDCP Administration and by long internal consultation with all departments and offices of the HCDCP, we set the target of creating a modern and innovating Greek public health website. We are trying to use up the good every-day work of the HCDCP employees in order to highlight the most significant public health issues and present them through the web-pages of our site in an intelligible and comprehensive manner. We make some effort to keep the balance between the scientifically acceptable way of giving data and knowledge and a more simple language, so as not only the health professional but the non-expert citizen as well can find and make use of the information is seeking.

In the Greek version of the website we have already created, in total:

In addition, there is another domain with the “website Evaluation Form” addressing to all visitors, while we strongly believe that the best judges of our work and the most valuable allies in our efforts to improve our electronic services are the site visitors themselves.

Since the beginning of 2012 we are also creating the English version of the HCDCP website, aiming to give an international electronic dimension of our organization’s services and more over to go out to the non-Greek speakers who live in Greece or abroad and wish to be informed by our website.

In conclusion, the first results of our efforts seem quite encouraging since during the first two months after the official website launch we received many comments and evaluation forms, the traffic has been multiplied and there are over 10,000 unique visitors to the HCDCP website (Greek version) per month, at the moment.