Vaccinations follow – up


Infants’ and children’s vaccination living in the open camps is an important objective, first and foremost, to protect the vaccinated children themselves but also to develop a collective immunity for the protection of people living in the refuggee camps and of the society as a whole.

PHILOS executives record all the vaccines made to the children hosted in the refuggee camps, in order to assess adequately whether or not are further needed, and therefor to be in accordance with the priorities as they defined in the opinion of the National Immunization Committee (09/03/2016) and in the circular of the Secretary General of Public Health (18/03/2016) – report “Vaccination in the refugees/immigrants – accomodation centres, February 2017”.

In particular, under the priority vaccination program that is being implemented, vaccinations for ten diseases are carried out, such as :

  • Vaccination against measles-red-mumps for children from twelve months to 15 years old (MMR vaccine).
  • Vaccination against diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-polio for children aged from six weeks to six years, in the form of the EQUIVALENT vaccine (also containing antigens for Haemophilus influenza type b and for Hepatitis B, DTaP-IPV-Hib-HepB).
  • Vaccination against Pneumococcal (conjugated vaccine, PCV) for children aged from two months to six years.

To date, it has been recorded the need for vaccines of eight open refuggee/migrants camps, and vaccinations have been organized and carried out in two accommodation centers of Attica (Lavrio and Elefsina).

Specifically, 224 booster doses against the above diseases were carried out in actions that took place between April 21 and May 2 in Elefsina and on 7 April in Lavrio.