Visit of HCDCP’s leadership at Chios and Mytilene


The President of HCDCP, Theofilos Rozenberg, accompanied by the Vice-President, Agapios Terzidis and the Board member, Urania Dafni, visited the refugee’s reception and identification centres in Mytilene and Chios, respectively.

The visit took place under the implementation of PHILOS programme, which foresees the enhancement of Eastern Aegean islands healthcare system with the support of both refugee camps and hospitals. HCDCP’s President had a meeting with the administrators of Mytilene and Chios general hospitals as well as with the Governors of Moria, Karatepe and Vial open camps.

In view of the escalating tensions in the Middle East region, of the upcoming winter and the increased refugee flows, Mr. Rosenberg expressed the need to improve the living conditions at refugee camps in order to prevent public health threats.