The National Public Health Organization (NPHO) is a legal entity of Public Law supervised by the Ministry of Health. It is established under the Law 4600/9.3.2019 and it is the universal successor of the pre-existing Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention (KEELPNO), which was abolished by the same law.

NPHO aims at protecting and promoting the health of the population in Greece and, more specifically, to protect the public health by the prevention of diseases, the increase of life expectancy and the promotion of health through the organized efforts of the State and the society.

The key goals of the Organization include:

a. the monitoring and assessment of the population health as well as the biological, socio-economic and environmental determinants that affect it,

b. the epidemiological surveillance and continuous monitoring of the impact of communicable and non-communicable diseases on public health,

c. taking measures for disease prevention and raising awareness of the public, either as a whole, either with focus on particular groups, in order to protect people’s health, well being and welfare,

d. actions aimed at protecting the population against all kinds of threats stemming from the spread of diseases or conditions endangering health.