Current state of Covid-19 outbreak in Greece and timeline of key containment events


The first COVID-19 case was diagnosed in Greece on February 26th. Contact tracing was initiated on the first and all subsequent confirmed cases, with all contacts being tested and isolated.

On February 27th, the annual carnival in Patra (an event which draws big crowds from all over the country), was cancelled. On March 10th, with officially 89 cases and 0 deaths, all schools and universities across the country were closed.

On March 12th, movie theaters, gyms and courtrooms were closed. On March 13th, with 190 confirmed cases and 1 death, malls, cafés, restaurants, bars, beauty parlors, museums and archaeological sites were closed. On March 14th, organized beaches and ski resorts were also closed.

On March 18th, with 418 confirmed cases and 5 deaths, all stores were closed.
On March 23rd, with 695 confirmed cases and 17 deaths, a nation-wide restriction of movement is enforced, whereby citizens can leave their house only for specific reasons and with a special permit.

As of March 30th, Greece had 1212 confirmed cases and 46 deaths.