Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

General Information

Current state of Covid-19 outbreak in Greece and timeline of key containment events

Further covid 19 data from Greece 04-04-2020

Respiratory Infections Surveillance Weekly Overview (Summary of the epidemiological situation)

Epidemiological Surveillance of Respiratory Infections  – Week 19/2024 (06/05/2024 – 12/05/2024)

Epidemiological Surveillance of Respiratory Infections – Archive

Information for Public

Questions and Answers for the public

Public safety advice

Guidance on self-isolation at home

Guidance for children and adolescents on staying at home

Guidance for high-risk groups

Information for Travelers

Advice for travellers

Advice for hotels in quarantine

Advice for airport ground personnel

Advice for seaport personnel

Information for Healthcare professionals and settings

Guidance for Healthcare settings

Advice to private physicians

Guidance for triage and handling cases of COVID infection in refugee and immigrants reception centers

Other Groups Of Interest (Information for Schools, Hotels etc)

Information for School Units and Education Facilities

Guidance for hotels and other travelers’ accommodation facilities

Guidance for managing Legionella in building water systems during the COVID-19 pandemic