UNFPA commends training material to HCDCP


The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) at a ceremony held in a selected venue in Athens, handed over to HCDCP represented by Mrs Botsi, the educational material on sexual and reproductive health and gender – based violence. The ceremony was attended by the Secretary General of Public Health, Giannis Baskozos, and by representatives of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality, UNHCR, ACTIONAID, Diotima, UNICEF and World Health Organization.

The training material consists of the following:

  • Clinical Management of sexual abuse victims – Trainers Guide. Sexual and reproductive health in crisis -Facilitator’s guide.
  • Training module for health care providers and other first responders in the Mediterranean refugee / migrant crisis.
  • GBV resource package: introduction to GBV Core Concepts, principles and approaches Facilitator’s guide.
  • Boys on the move – life skills programs for unaccompanied teenage males

The material has been adapted to the Greek reality both in terms of compliance with the domestic legal framework and in terms of compliance with the guidelines for STD’s and HIV/AIDS prevention/treatment while the Greek protocol on tackling gender violence has also been incorporated. The Ministry of Health and HCDCP logos have been included in the material (printed and electronic). The editing of the training material for HCDCP was made by the physician Chrysa Botsi.

The theoretical framework for gender – based violence has been developed in cooperation with the General Secretariat for Gender Equality and Diotima.